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Blue Sandstone Cone Shaped Pendant Necklace

Blue Sandstone Cone Shaped Pendant Necklace

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Natural Blue Sandstone Necklaces & Pendants With One Piece Hand Braided Rope Energy Power Stone Cone Shape Amulet.... 1.75" Stone

Super good for your well-being...

Blue Sandstone symbolizes enterprise, success, victory, and glory, which enhance one's leadership and entrepreneurial skills. It is an excellent stone to meditate with before giving a speech or starting a new project. It is also very good at calming the senses and cleansing the chakras on all levels. Blue Sandstone bridges the gap between the earthly and spirit realms, so it is a great stone to use for contacting spirit guides or performing holistic healing. Blue Sandstone resembles the brilliant stars that shine in the dark blue sky, which bring about courage, confidence and willpower and boost vitality and energy.

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