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Rare Lemon Quartz Quartz Crystal Hexagonal Wand

Rare Lemon Quartz Quartz Crystal Hexagonal Wand

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Approximately 3" long with points on both ends. Hexagonal shaped.

Natural Lemon Quartz Crystal

Lemon Quartz Metaphysical Properties

Quartz is said to help structure, focus and amplify thoughts and information. It is also thought to transmit energy. Because the color yellow is associated with clarity, communication and happiness, lemon quartz is believed to help balance and strengthen these aspects.

Used in meditation, lemon quartz is believed to filter out distractions, aid concentration and open memory. It is also believed to reduce anxiety, bring in money or assistance in times of need, and decrease negativity. Advocates recommend it be used with the third eye and crown chakras.

For those who use crystals for healing, lemon quartz eases food and nicotine cravings, helps with diabetes and encourages healthy recovery after illness or surgery.


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